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Continuous Improvement (TPM) Programme

The Henkan Team have made a significant contribution to the progressive success of the Heineken TPM programme over the last 3 years. As a valued partner for change, they have supported us through the transfer of their knowledge and experience using a practical, passionate and engaging approach.

Christopher Kerr

Director Global TPM, Heineken

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Deliver coaching and assessment support for transition in the nominated key strategic breweries towards their Silver recognition status

Provide value added enhancements to enable more effective transformation of the Breweries and the Supply Chain based upon business needs and audit findings on the way of working and application of TPM tools:

  • Evolution of the T&E Pillar into a single HR inclusive agenda for change for People Development
  • Revitalisation of the Changeover Reduction ME (Method Expert) workshops to achieve 85% improvement in results
  • Simplification and engagement in problem solving through the development and implementation of Unified Problem Solving (UPS)
  • Development and Training support for Steps 4 and 5 Autonomous Maintenance
  • Development and Training for targeted loss approaches e.g. Breakdown Reduction
  • Leadership Competence development through Coaching for Auditors and Shop Floor Excellence though “Morning on the Shop Floor” and Leader Standard Work
  • Modified TPM implementation introduction for “Smaller” Breweries to negate the need for formalised pillar structures


The Heineken Supply Chain TPM programme had been implemented and evolving for several years using a well-defined and structured approach supported internally and by a large TPM Consultancy House.

The number of Plants (Breweries) in the established programme was increasing and at this stage, as well as the expansion to new areas such as supply chain and logistics processes and operations. Henkan support was seen to be valuable in two specific challenges.

Firstly, there were not enough internal or qualified resources to support the internal coaching, assessment and auditing programme and secondly, the more advanced breweries had plateaued in their application and results, and therefore breakthrough ideas and coaching, assessment and auditing approach were required to ensure further development and maturity.


Initially, the two senior directors supported the programme; this evolved to other members of the Henkan team supporting in specialist areas and extended areas of interest and value. The initial support was the provision of Auditing in strategic breweries and Operating Companies audits. This further developed into the coaching of Heineken internal auditors and the creation of the Heineken Auditing Video.

The T& E Pillar is a well-recognised and structured approach supporting the competence development within a TPM programme. However, the challenges for People within their context for delivering a World Class Brewery Organisation meant that the scope and elements of the Pillar were limited to support the challenges.

Henkan took a lead role in redefining and implementing a revitalised People Development Pillar, engaging the HR community in a single agenda approach. This programme required support for the Master Global Pillar, Development of additional tools such as “Strategic Workforce Planning” and “Morning on the Shop Floor” (MOSF) and the roll-out of the supporting strategy through a PD workshop run over 16 times across the globe.

Due to increasing product portfolio and subsequent need for production flexibility, the toolkit for Changeover Reduction and the subsequent delivery as a method expert workshop was revised to ensure greater leverage on the approach to achieve more significant results. Greater emphasis was placed on loss evaluation, challenge mentality and technical rigour throughout the phases. The challenge was to deliver a step-change in results from the normally acceptable 50% reduction to a minimum 85% reduction in changeover time.

One of the most critical areas for change was the execution of problem solving, emphasising the identification and delivering larger teams and essentially struggling with the pace and opportunity to solve problems quicker with the confidence of sustainability.

Henkan created a logic model, Unified Problem Solving (UPS), based upon the simple phases of problem solving to aid the understanding of how the tools could work more effectively and efficiently. The toolkit created released people within a framework to apply the simplest problem solving tools logically and rigorously. The aim to engage more people in successful problem solving and increase the pace of results was realised.

Henkan have proactively supported the Heineken challenge to ensure the programme of TPM is developed towards business-centric needs and to maximise the potential of the framework of tools and Leadership competence to deliver shop floor excellence.


There are now several Breweries who have attained the Silver Level Recognition, having made the significant transition to TPM to deliver business results across the Supply Chain.

The engagement in UPS is seeing a pace of daily, weekly, monthly problem solving, whereas previously, the programme was primarily Quarterly based teams.

The People Development influence has now seen Leadership visibly supporting shop floor teamwork through the structured DCS and MOSF activity – Problem solving and pace of learning has increased across all Breweries and Logistics functions.

85% reduction in Changeover time is now the expectation and is being achieved in the majority of project activities identifying and, in some cases overcoming technical limits

Overall, the level of successful activities has doubled over the last 3 years in no small part from the contribution of the Henkan Team


The Henkan Team have made a significant contribution to the progressive success of the Heineken TPM programme over the last 3 years. As a valued partner for change, they have supported us through the transfer of their knowledge and experience using a practical, passionate and engaging approach.

Christopher Kerr – Director Global TPM, Heineken

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