George Kesic

Senior Consultant


Phone: +44 (0) 151 210 5507

Mobile: +44 (0) 07930 193 924

Having cut my professional teeth in the steel industry developing and implementing process technology and leading holistic approaches to manufacturing capability, resolution of customer quality issues, and performance measurement over many years, I have been working in an interim management and consultancy capacity for the past 15 years across a diverse range of manufacturing and industrial service sectors, from large complex multi-site organisations to small family companies, delivering one common objective: improving performance.

I adopt a pragmatic, results driven, hands-on approach, applying tailored solutions designed to enhance performance of both people and processes. My philosophy is that only through the effective engagement at all levels of personnel and across all functions can the maximum business benefits and service levels be achieved.

Engaging individuals in client organisations and building relationships makes the ‘technical’ delivery aspect of consulting so much more effective, and easier, so this approach fits in well to the way we do things at Henkan. For analysing issues in a group environment, I am a particular fan of the brown paper and post-its “low tech high touch” approach, which provides excellent engagement of individuals and fosters the group spirit. I always challenge, and get others to do so. My comeback to “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” is “if it ain’t broke then you’re not looking hard enough”.

A particular focus of interest at Henkan for me is developing new products and exploring new markets, progressively widening the scope of our offering, particularly in the context of providing end-to-end solutions and helping individuals relate their own challenges to the bigger picture of their organisation’s strategic goals.

I am rekindling my interests in photography (yes I do have an artistic and creative side) and the challenges of the great outdoors: the thrill of the mountain, “because its there”. Good food, good eating is a must, so a key element for any agenda. And as for Leeds United…. perhaps the less said the better.

The Henkan Team have made a significant contribution to the progressive success of the Heineken TPM programme over the last 3 years. As a valued partner for change, they have supported us through the transfer of their knowledge and experience using a practical, passionate and engaging approach.

Christopher Kerr

Global TPM Director – Heineken


We are continuous improvement consultants who possess the necessary cultural insight, soft skills and business acumen required to work in a global environment.

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