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At 16, I joined the army as a Vehicle Mechanic. Having served nearly 9 years, I decided to try my hand in the civilian world and Joined Volvo Construction equipment, initially refurbishing gearboxes and engines. Finally, at 30, running the entire workshop function for all new heavy plant brought in to the country.
I then moved into the manufacturing sector and have 15+ Years of experience in leading Engineering Teams and implementing Lean & TPM Methodologies in various Manufacturing environments.

My first introduction to the lean world came when I joined Philips Avent and was introduced to TPM as part of their global Lean deployment programme. Through my time at Philips, I led the TPM Deployment and heavily supported the other Lean initiatives.

During my time with Philips, I discovered that I had a passion for training & developing people and supported all elements of the Lean Operating Model.

Developing People is one of my true Passions, to successfully coach and develop Teams into new ways of working and supporting the change in an organisation. People make the change, so developing the right behaviours is Central to the Henkan Methodology.

As part of the Henkan Team, I really enjoy how we support each other and the great Team spirit.
Within the team, we have experts in specific fields. We continually strive to share and support each other’s development into other areas, to offer the best overall service to our Customers.

I have a strong belief in treating all people fairly and with respect. One of my core principles is “treat as you wish to be treated”. Socially, I like to get out on the road, on my Motorcycle, and walk the dogs with my son. And the occasional pint down the local…

The Henkan Team have made a significant contribution to the progressive success of the Heineken TPM programme over the last 3 years. As a valued partner for change, they have supported us through the transfer of their knowledge and experience using a practical, passionate and engaging approach.

Christopher Kerr

Global TPM Director – Heineken


We are continuous improvement consultants who possess the necessary cultural insight, soft skills and business acumen required to work in a global environment.

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