Oleksandr Lipnytskyy (a.k.a. Alex Lipnitskiy)

Senior Consultant


Phone: +380 50 019 4612 Ukraine

Mobile: +44 7584 603 565

I am a Senior Manufacturing Consultant at Henkan, with over 30+ years of industry experience holding regional and global positions, within international blue chip organisations.

I have been fortunate enough to experience establishing and optimizing various supply chains in multiple regions and business units in Ukraine, Germany, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Italy, Mexico, Vietnam, China, Czech, Slovakia, Poland and Russian Federation. Driven by natural curiosity I have found all my positions interesting and rewarding, whilst enjoying the challenges of living as a global citizen in an expatriate world. This wide range of cultures, people and businesses helped me realise my core values and principles.

As an Executive Leader in the global supply chain (manufacturing and supply chain optimization) solutions, I have found exciting to participate in the business growth, to multinational FMCG companies.

My work has given me the opportunity to work in strong business partnerships with Plant Managers to support their businesses and leverage resources for development and roll-out of best practices, strategy development, cost savings, sustainable performance reliability, and productivity improvement.

My experience with bringing together manufacturing sites within a diverse geography, has given me the knowledge and experience to optimise communication and business processes to drive results, across all levels and divisions.

I am married to my wonderful wife Irina, and am a proud Father and Grandfather. I also enjoy extreme sports (scuba diving, alpine skiing, road cycling, mountain biking) as well as enjoying moments of photo art and cooking.

The Henkan Team have made a significant contribution to the progressive success of the Heineken TPM programme over the last 3 years. As a valued partner for change, they have supported us through the transfer of their knowledge and experience using a practical, passionate and engaging approach.

Christopher Kerr

Global TPM Director – Heineken


We are continuous improvement consultants who possess the necessary cultural insight, soft skills and business acumen required to work in a global environment.

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