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21/07/2021 15:00 to 16:00

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Interventions: Bringing A Turnround In Performance

OTIF, QCD – We all strive to achieve. And we know the frustrations of our customers when we fail on our promises. In simple terms, we should provide the service that we agreed! But it is not that simple.

Even if you completely satisfy your customers, there is always the opportunity to improve profitability. Improve productivity – grow the business without doubling up on people or kit. Be one step ahead of the customer and offer lower lead times. Fix broken processes to make them more efficient, eliminate costly rework loops, spend more time doing rather than fixing. Eliminate the need to purchase additional machines. In all, significantly improve your margin, but without increasing the cost of the product!


George is a highly experienced business process improvement consultant, having over 30 years of experience in enhancing internal performance and customer service level, with a demonstrable track record across various business types and sectors.


George has been instrumental in developing The Henkan Intervention Process and oversees its application across our global customer base through our dedicated consultant deployment teams.

Your benefits of attending:

– Gain an insight into a proven, powerful process that rapidly transforms results

– See how Henkan has helped major organisations worldwide resolve issues that have impacted their ability to deliver to customer demand

– Understand the planning and intricacies that underpin a successful intervention

– Relate your own issues and immediate ambitions to the intervention approach

– Appreciate the difference between slow, incremental improvement and a short, sharp jolt tactic

– See how the simple, everyday Lean concepts and tools can be used to powerful effect

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